Sunday, December 03, 2006

French Roast

Well, I've ordered my first French book on Java, Spring par la Pratique.

In his preface to the book, Rod Johnson, the founder of Spring, writes,

The content is not only up to date, but broad in scope and highly readable. Enterprise Java is a dynamic area, and open source projects are particularly rapidly moving targets. Spring has progressed especially rapidly in the last six months, with work leading up to the final release of Spring 2.0. The authors of this book have done a remarkable job of writing about Spring 2.0 features as soon as they have stabilized.

According to one Amazon review, "un must have !" The reviewer, Levy, writes,
Excellent ouvrage, clair, précis, pédagogique et très complet.
Non seulement ce livre expose de manière simple les principaux concepts de Spring (conteneur léger, IOC, AOP, Spring MVC, Acegi security...) mais il aborde également, avec des exemples précis de mise en oeuvre, des thèmes plus rarement abordés dans les autres ouvrages : support d'AJAX et DWR, d'XML et des web services, de JMS, JCA et JMX.
A possèder absolument dans sa bibliothèque si on ne veut pas passer à côté de la révolution technologique qui s'opère autour des architectures J2EE.

Here's my translation of Levy's review,
Excellent work, clear, precise, instructive, and very complete. Not only does this book explain simply the principle concepts of Spring (lightweight containers, IOC, AOP, Spring MVC, Acegi security...), but it also tackles, with specific implementation examples, some topics rarely addressed in other works: AJAX and DWR support, support for XML and web services, and support for JMS, JCA, and JMX.

Definitely a book to have in your library if you don't want to be passed by in the technological revolution sweeping the world of J2EE architectures.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Jini - a new book and a clear interview

Do you want to learn about Jini? Here are two resources for you.

First of all, there's a new book, Foundations of Jini 2 Programming by Jan Newmarch, based on his online tutorial.

Second, at Java Posse there's a 3-part podcast interview with Van Simmons, leader of the ComputeCycles project. Van talks about his grid-computing project and, along the way, gives a particularly clear summary of Jini and how a cabal on Wall Street is preventing you from knowing just how powerful it is.  :)

Update: Here's another presentation by Van Simmons from JavaOne 2006 that goes into more detail on ComputeCycles.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Can AJAX Clean You Out?

If you have Javascript turned on, can a website upload files from your computer without your knowing it? Try any AJAX-based email website, such as Google or Zimbra. Attach a file using the textbox, no dialog, and send the email. If this code can upload a file, then why can't AJAX do the same internally, without the usual social amenities such as asking for your approval?

Zimbra is open source. Whatever they do, anyone can do.

Does this mean that for any website you visit with Javascript on, that website has a wide open straw to your computer? It can't browse (or can it?), but, when it guesses correctly where you have certain files, if I'm not mistaken, it could suck them right up. I hope I am mistaken.

This shocks me. You can install NoScript, which allows you to turn on Javascript for those websites you trust and those websites only. But still, for those you trust, you must trust them utterly. There's no middle ground. There's no sandbox, such as Java has.

Is this a wide open security hole on the client side for AJAX?

AJAX is seductive. Like Paris Hilton, her beauty and riches have gotten her far. But what's this? A DUI?

(20 Jun 2007) Paris and AJAX jostle for attention. :-)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Mayflower sails - Spring meets Jini

Tom and Chris Cellucci discuss Mayflower at JavaOne 2006. Mayflower is a new open-source project bringing together the worlds of Spring and Jini (and Rio). Last October at the 9th Jini Community Meeting in Chicago I had the privilege of hearing the Cellucci brothers give a presentation on the subject.

Watch this boat. It may settle a continent.

Update - Spring Modules has superceded Mayflower.